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Chilled Soup

Published: 6/25/2009
Warm weather is a perfect time to sip on a refreshing chilled soup. Soup has a universal appeal. In the cooler months nothing beats a steaming bowl of hot soup but hot weather begs us to cool off with a delightful bowl of cold soup!

Marinade Tips

Published: 6/4/2009
Summer brings out the desire to use the outdoor grill. The smell coming off the grill is like no other and flavour peaks from food sizzling on the grill. Pack even more flavour in by using a marinade on your favourite meat, fish, poultry or vegetable. Basically a marinade is oil, an acid and seasonings imparting great flavour into grilled food. Marinades also add moisture along with flavour and using them is an easy way to achieve quick success as a ‘grillmeister’!
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